Dear Walmart Customer Service Associate

October 21, 2011


Dear Sir, or Madam, I am here today to return an article of clothing, unfortunately I have lost the receipt, which I know means I won’t get my cash back, but a store credit instead, and that’s fine.  That’s not the only problem either, see, when I purchased said item it was on the clearance rack […]

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Changes are afoot!

September 29, 2011


I got a job!  Yay me!  I started about 3 weeks ago and so far it is going well.  The hours are super flexible, the pay is good, and the people are friendly.  Plus, and this is a big plus it is not a customer service position.   I know I was complaining about not getting […]

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I am not a robot.

September 28, 2011


Marvin the Robot

Sometimes I wish I was though.  I wonder if things would be easier?  Obviously I would save a lot of money on food, and drinks.  I wouldn’t need blankets to keep me warm at night, and I would never need to buy band aids, mouthwash, soap or toilet paper.  I wouldn’t have to feel either.  Sometimes […]

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Dear Potential Employer(s)

September 6, 2011


You don’t know me, and I barely know you, and I hope you’ll forgive my forwardness, however I can’t hold my tongue any longer.  I am going to be as gentle as I can, but you really need to rethink some of your hiring practices.  Look…I get that you are inundated with applications, and resumes everyday, and […]

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Fear not, for I bring muffins!**

August 2, 2011


This post is copied verbatim, from my old blog, and was originally written close to Christmas, hence the reference to Christmas, and is not just me being weird. So…I’ve been a little delinquent in my postings.  No excuse really just been swamped with real life, and the way it drops everything on you at once sometimes. […]

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One year!

July 23, 2011


A year ago today, it was pretty much the same as today, sunny, hot, and with 100 degree temperatures.  A year ago today, I got up, had coffee, made breakfast for me, and the kids.  We played, watched some TV, probably went to the park or the pool.  We had lunch, maybe popped in a […]

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“Real Women Have Curves”*

June 30, 2011


I really hate that phrase…I mean I understand why it came about, and the empowerment it was supposed to generate, but really it has just become another phrase to deride women. Before I go any further, I think I need to share a bit about myself before anyone decides that this is some bitter rant […]

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