What’s this blog about? Gosh…I am not sure I really know. I have an idea, but nothing concrete. I guess it’s a place to put the things I wonder about in writing.  Somewhere I can voice the things that disturb, perturb, and inspire me.  A place to put pictures, ideas and memories.


About the pictures.  I am still learning about photography, and how to go beyond the auto settings on my camera.  This means that some pictures might be rough, and some not really good at all.  I make no claims to be a professional at it, it is a hobby I hope to get better at.

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  1. GrammyCA

    July 2, 2011

    I thought I saw you as a follower of McInsanity’s blog. Yes? If so, did she take her blog private? I hadn’t seen her on MWOP lately, so I tried to go to her blog to send her a note but without luck. Sad panda here.


    • Yes, I was a follower of her blog, and she did take it private, or rather I think she deleted her blog and started a new private one. She also left mwop. I can send her a note through FB and let her know you were asking after her if you like?


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