Been a long time gone

Posted on October 7, 2012


Ages in fact. Okay just months, but long enough. I have felt mute for the past few months. That is not to say I actually shut up during that time, but rather, I didn’t feel any of it was of importance to put here. Of course this may not be all that important either, but I’ve started talking to myself out loud again…with much fervor, so I felt it time to try and reign it in. Seriously, I need to, I am getting more weird looks out in public than normal, lately. Happenings of late:

We were going to move, but now we are not. In the course of about 3 months we went from thinking,and planning to move around Christmas time, to staying right where we are. It was a summer spent with plans up in the air, which is frustrating, but luckily it was resolved quickly.

My oldest started middle school. That sentence looks weird typed out. I instinctively want to scratch it out, that is how wrong it looks. I know, I know that children have to grow up, but I wish he would stop doing it when I am not looking. He is loving it though, and that makes my heart so happy. I think the independence of it all really suits him. There are still some kinks to work out, like remembering to take homework out of his locker or backpack, and turn it in on time, and just the amount of homework compared to elementary school, but it’s getting better.

My youngest is in 3rd grade…more than half way through elementary. Again…what is with the growing up? She loves it, she gets to see her friends, she has the perfect teacher for her this year, and she is much more interested in the after school groups they offer, and has already joined the Jr Lego League and wants to try the Chess club later on.

I started school. Finally! After years, and years of false starts, and pushing off for legit, and sometimes lame reasons, I finally stepped into a college classroom. All I can say is this. I am really glad I didn’t go to college right after high school. I bet you weren’t expecting me to say that, huh? It’s the truth though. Obviously, and I can only speak for myself, there are drawbacks for not going right out of high school. A lower income is one. Not even getting looked at for jobs I could learn to do quickly because I don’t have a degree, is another, and lack of job satisfaction would be a strong third. However, and again I can only speak for myself, I would not have had the attention span, the determination, dedication, work ethic, or mental fortitude to go to college when I was 18-22. I spent my late childhood, and teens, thinking, feeling and acting like an adult. I carried a load on my shoulders that most of peers did not. I don’t regret any of it, nor would I want to change it, I learned valuable lessons that have served me well throughout my life, and I believe it prepared me to handle anything that life throws out. However, once I got out of high school I just wanted to be free. I needed to see the world for myself, and I needed to find out what kind of person I really was, and that wasn’t going to happen in a classroom.

Now, all these years later, I have the focus and drive I lacked back then. It’s harder going back to school now, because my focus has to be divided between school, family, and other obligations, so that is going to be an adjustment for all for us. I am loving it though, even the class I dreaded the most, math, is quite enjoyable. Dealing with the amount of homework is challenging, but I really feel a level of comfort I didn’t expect…doesn’t mean I don’t panic at a deadline sometimes ( I currently have one pending) but it feels okay, actually it feels right. Providing things go as planned, I will walk out of the school with an AAS in Biotechnology, the ability to start working somewhere almost immediately, and be able to transfer everything to complete a four year degree (or higher) later on.

That is where I have been. It’s nice to be back here, and hopefully I will come around more regularly again…

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