Dear Walmart Customer Service Associate

Posted on October 21, 2011


Dear Sir, or Madam,

I am here today to return an article of clothing, unfortunately I have lost the receipt, which I know means I won’t get my cash back, but a store credit instead, and that’s fine.  That’s not the only problem either, see, when I purchased said item it was on the clearance rack and was missing the bar code part of the tag, so I actually had to bring a similar item up in order to have something to scan.  I have been in your shoes and know how frustrating your job can be.  I know hearing people complain all day, and sometimes even taking out their anger and frustration over a defective, or ill-fitting item out on you, will take its toll on anyone.  I also understand you have rules to follow, and when I brought in said item, I understand that my item not having a bar code on the tag poses a problem.  I understand that without that bar code I could have gotten this item from anywhere, and might be trying to get free money from your store.  I know you are following the rules, I respect that, and had this item been say a Sony, Wrangler, or a Mr. Coffee…something that is sold in many, many other stores I would understand your refusal to return it.  However the product I brought in was a brand that is sold only at Wal-Mart, so there is no way I could have gotten it anywhere else.

Here’s the thing…when I tell you that the item is exclusively a Wal-Mart brand (and the tag has the brand name on it), the correct answer to this would be something like  “Ok, well let me check with a manager to see what I need to do to take the return”.   This would let me know that, hey maybe you’re a little new and not familiar with the Wal-Mart only brands, so you want to make sure.

The  correct answer is not “Well I don’t know all the brands that Wal-Mart carries, so I can’t take it back, sorry!”  especially with the snotty tone.   I don’t expect you to know all the brands that your store carries, but I expect, if you are not sure, to ask someone instead of being a snot.   Funnily enough, when the manager I asked you for arrived, she was able to confirm it was a Wal-Mart only brand, and returned my money in the form of in store credit lickity split.  Less time could have spent over this whole thing. I wish you had done that instead, Wal-Mart Customer Service Associate, because now all our future dealing will be strained and uncomfortable.  I don’t expect you to be perfect, and like I said, you have a thankless job, so I understand why you were frustrated with me.  Yet I expect you to be helpful, not snotty, and if you are unsure about something to call someone in that is sure.



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