Changes are afoot!

Posted on September 29, 2011


I got a job!  Yay me!  I started about 3 weeks ago and so far it is going well.  The hours are super flexible, the pay is good, and the people are friendly.  Plus, and this is a big plus it is not a customer service position.   I know I was complaining about not getting a face to face interview for customer service positions, as that was mainly what I was applying for,  so it might seem weird that I am happy about not getting that type of job.  However,  even though I have loads of experience in customer service and I am good at it…I am really burned out on it, and that is after having not worked outside the home in 6 years.   I love helping people, and I like making people happy, but I do not like having to kiss people’s asses when they are being rude, condescending , and sometimes, downright abusive.   Perhaps this makes me a horrible person, but after 12+ years in customer service it was hard to just smile and nod at people who didn’t feel they needed to have at least basic common courtesy.   I am a patient person, but even my patience was worn thin in that respect.  Had I gotten one of the other jobs I applied for, I would have of course just sucked it up, smiled, and done my best, but I would have been miserable.   This just makes me realize how lucky I was to get the job I did because it is an absolutely perfect match.

Luck aside, the adjustment to working outside the home is taking awhile.  I have had the luxury of being able to stay home full-time with my kids for the past six years.  Now this is not to say that it was easier than working for a paycheck, but the challenges are different, and there is a lot more leeway with time.  The hardest part was when my kids were still little and they were constantly on the move, I had little time to just sit and relax.  However once they both started school  I’d being lying if I didn’t tell you it was almost like living a life of leisure…except I still had to do all the cooking, housework and errands, but it was rounded out with being able to read books, or taking a nap, or going to Target or the mall and looking in the stores I wanted to look in, for as long as I wanted to look in them…it was like Nirvana.  This of course doesn’t take into account the fact that my kids have always had me there to see them off to school in the morning, to tuck them in at night, and my husband would come home to a home cooked meal, and a (relatively) clean house.  This job is flexible in that, I don’t have to try to find after school care for my kids, but I will often have to work overnight, early mornings, and late evenings.  It means that I may not be here to get them up, fed and dressed for school in the morning.  It means I may have to leave before they go to bed at night.  It means I may have to leave early enough in the evening that my husband will be in charge of getting dinner on the table.  It means I may have to sleep the entire day away, because I worked all night long, instead of going up to the school to volunteer like I used to.  It means we all have to become accustomed to a new normal, and it is going to take some time.

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