Dear Potential Employer(s)

Posted on September 6, 2011


You don’t know me, and I barely know you, and I hope you’ll forgive my forwardness, however I can’t hold my tongue any longer.  I am going to be as gentle as I can, but you really need to rethink some of your hiring practices.  Look…I get that you are inundated with applications, and resumes everyday, and you must have a way to weed through them so you can bring in people who are right for the job…or you know, the people who aren’t going to come in hammered and steal your light fixtures.  I completely understand that, and having been the person interviewing others for a job, yes, it is better to bring in people who fall within certain perimeters, in order not to waste your time or theirs, if they aren’t right for the job.  Keeping that in mind I understand why it seems that nearly all online job applications include some sort of assessment test , I get that, I really, really do.

However, if the position you are trying to fill is for customer service, sales, PR, or any number of jobs that require the employee to be able to communicate effectively with the public, or clients, a computer assessment is not going to give you a complete picture.   In this case you are going to have to perhaps sit through a few dud interviews to get to the person who will be great for the position you are trying to fill.  A computer will not tell you if I can hold eye contact, if I have a firm, but not crushing hand shake, if  I am a good listener, if I am able to pick up on subtle body language, or vocal tone/inflections to help me handle a situation.  Further it does not tell you if my body language is one that reassures people, or if, it puts people off, or makes me seem unapproachable.

I am not sure which of the questions I didn’t answer just right.  I was honest with all my answers, but perhaps my honesty was not pleasing in some regard.  Whatever the case, you may have lost a great potential employee, for your customer service position, because you let a computer tell you how it thinks I relate to people, when really, only other people can be an effective judge of that.  Just some food for thought.



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