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Changes are afoot!

September 29, 2011


I got a job!  Yay me!  I started about 3 weeks ago and so far it is going well.  The hours are super flexible, the pay is good, and the people are friendly.  Plus, and this is a big plus it is not a customer service position.   I know I was complaining about not getting […]

I am not a robot.

September 28, 2011


Sometimes I wish I was though.  I wonder if things would be easier?  Obviously I would save a lot of money on food, and drinks.  I wouldn’t need blankets to keep me warm at night, and I would never need to buy band aids, mouthwash, soap or toilet paper.  I wouldn’t have to feel either.  Sometimes […]

Dear Potential Employer(s)

September 6, 2011


You don’t know me, and I barely know you, and I hope you’ll forgive my forwardness, however I can’t hold my tongue any longer.  I am going to be as gentle as I can, but you really need to rethink some of your hiring practices.  Look…I get that you are inundated with applications, and resumes everyday, and […]