I think my body is in revolt.

Posted on March 13, 2011


What they heck??  I have been trying make healthier choices the past several months, I quit smoking, I am trying to eat more vegetables (I love veggies, I have just been bad about eating enough of them) eat more fruit, try to get in more whole grains, eat less processed foods, and of course started working out on a regular basis. I am not doing this to lose weight, even though I do need to lose weight, and know it will happen.  I just want to feel better, to be more active, and just healthier overall.   The thing is, I have never had more colds, and sickness than I have had in the past few months.  I mean Dub-ya Tee Eff?  I used to rarely get sick, like maybe once or on rarer occasions, twice a year.  I’d get a nasty sinus cold, be down for a day or two, it would usually linger in my chest for a couple more days, and then I’d be fine for months afterwards.   This year though I have had cold, after cold, after sinus issues, after cold this winter.  I think my body is laughing at me (that doesn’t sound totally crazy or anything)…yes I definitely hear a chuckle, and it’s as if it’s saying. “Oh, so you want to make me do more work, and exert myself do you?”  “Well, then lets just see how you like this cold, and that cold, and this sinus infection…or hey how about a stomach virus??!”

Seriously.  What gives?