Snow Day…Texas style

Posted on February 4, 2011


Which means we only got about an inch of snow.  To be fair though it was misting for a couple of hours before it snowed, so it made a nice even layer of ice all over everything.  Trust me, when you live somewhere that doesn’t see a lot of inclement winter weather, you want them to shut everything down for an inch of snow.  I grew up with snow, and learned to drive in it, so I would be able to handle myself on the roads.  The people who are natives, or are from other warm climates…they don’t know how to drive in this stuff, and some of them are freaked out doing it…so it’s just safer for everyone if people don’t have to get out.  Anyway I got a few picture of our WINTER-POCALYPSE 2011!!  Mostly so I can prove to my kids in 15-20 years that, yes indeed, it does snow in Texas on occasion.

First off…we still have leaves from autumn, hanging around, that’s how warm our winter was before these past few cold fronts.

Our dog was puzzled and confused by the snow

Though despite his confusion, the below picture is just what he normally does.  You see he thinks he can fly.

Super Tundra Dog!  Ready to protect you run from any, and all wintry threats!

My husband and son tried to have a snowball fight…

Here you can see our MASSIVE amounts of snow.

Look at that will you!  It almost covers the grass…it’s insanity here  folks!

My berries from yesterday look pretty though.

My daughter, who is the smartest of the bunch chose to stay inside where it was warm.  She thought the snow was pretty, but she didn’t want anything to do with it.  We joined her shortly (like 5 minutes later) and decided it was a good day to watch some movies, play some games, and bake some yummy stuff.  It’s my first snow day in 15 years, and it’s pretty awesome, though lacking in the snow department.

Edited to Add:

My daughter decided a few minutes ago that she wanted to check out the snow, so we ventured back out side.

Another snow ball fight broke out.  Your contestants:

Jumpin’ JMB the current lightweight champion.

The newcomer Super S the Sensation!

Lets get ready to RUMMMMBLEEEE!!!

Ohhhh…our champion starts off strong!

Look out though…here comes our challenger launching a sneak attack.

Uh oh….it looks like our challenger is trying to run from a counter attack!

Unfortunately she didn’t make it.   At this point our challenger decided she’d had enough, and bowed out.  Maybe next year…

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